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  • TV program heightens crisis for Russian Jews

    Russian Jews are calling for action after 20 politicians signed a letter to the country’s prosecutor general asking him to ban Jewish organizations in the country as extremist and a television audience supports an anti-Semite.

  • Jewish news hits Russian front pages

    An anti-Semitic letter signed and then revoked by some 500 Russians, including 20 legislators, has many Russians talking about anti-Semitism and many Jews worrying about the phenomenon.

  • Anti-Semitic acts rattle Russian Jews

    The level of anti-Semitic acts in Russia remained stable and relatively low this year, but three violent cases took place in Moscow within two weeks in December — and all went unreported in the local media.

  • Activists upset after hate publisher goes free

    Jewish leaders and human rights activists in Russia are outraged by a sentence handed down in the case of a publisher known for printing anti-Semitic articles.

  • Belarussian artist builds Holocaust memorials

    A non-Jewish artist in Belarus gets kudos when he creates a memorial to local Jews killed in the Holocaust — covering part of the cost out of his own pocket.

  • Russian Jewish leader wants closer Kremlin ties

    Culminating a shift for his organization, the new leader of the Russian Jewish Congress has announced the group’s unconditional support for the Kremlin.

  • Putting shtetl life on film

    A new film — part-feature, part-documentary — tells the story of a Ukrainian shtetl drained of its Jews in World War II.

  • Jew vs. Jew in Lithuania

    A dispute over who should be Lithuania’s chief rabbi may be headed to the courts, as the head of the country’s Jewish community said he would file a lawsuit against a group of Jews holding a vigil in support of one of the rabbis.

  • Jews aiding Russian siege survivors

    In the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attack at a Russian school, Jews in Russia and around the world are offering a helping hand to survivors of the siege.

  • Moscow rabbi fuses past with present

    A Moscow rabbi, a former refusnik who had made aliyah but was sent back to Russia by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, oversees the renovation of a century-old shul while taking time to slaughter animals for kosher meat.