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  • Russian student wins prize for cemetery research

    Alexei Evstratov isn´t Jewish. But that didn´t stop him from winning a Russian youth history competition for his report about the Jewish cemetery in his hometown of Borisoglebsk.

  • Jewish life in breakaway Moldovan republic

    Jewish life is rife with contradictions in the self-proclaimed republic of Trans-Dniester, a rebellious region in Moldova that is seemingly stuck in a time warp. Soviet-era hammers and sickles are chiseled into walls, and Soviet-era collective farms still

  • Moldova’s troubled Jewish past

    In Moldova, a nation with a history of pogroms and other anti-Semitic acts, it was a major gesture when Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin delivered two speeches in front of Jewish audiences, unconditionally condemning anti-Semitism and promising his sup

  • Feeding Moldovan Jewish children well

    Feeding the elderly has been the core of Jewish welfare activities in many post-Soviet countries. Now, in Moldova, it’s time to feed the children. A new program seeks to feed low-income Jewish children in a nation where one child in five lives belo

  • Azerbaijan to legalize Jewish school

    After months of apparent official opposition to the idea, the first Jewish day school in Azerbaijan will be allowed to operate legally. In a meeting with Jewish leaders from Israel and Russia, the Azeri president promised that the school will be granted t

  • Fund-raising group enters Russia

    The primary group for raising funds for Israel outside the United States is now operating in Russia. Some Russian groups fear this will undermine local fund-raising efforts, and suggest that the Russian Jewish poor should be helped first.

  • Church and state in Russia

    A controversy over permitting a textbook that is said to contain xenophobia and holds Jews responsible for killing Jesus has raised a bigger issue: Should religion be taught at Russian public schools and, if yes, how can schools achieve a balance that wou

  • Helping troubled boys in the former Soviet Union

    Or Avner-Gershuni, Kazakhstan’s first and largest Jewish day school, symbolizes the way the Jewish community in the former Soviet Union cares for assimilated and intermarried Jewish families who might not even know they are Jewish if not for their d

  • Interviews with rabbi published in Russia

    A collection of interviews with a Jerusalem-based talmudic scholar has hit Russian bookstores. The book, which touches on decidedly secular topics like money, soccer and wine, is based on a series of columns that have made Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz arguably t

  • Muslim-Jewish forum focuses on intolerance

    A meeting in Kazakhstan between Jewish officials and the leaders of six Muslim nations is being hailed by some as an important step in interfaith relations — and as a sign that the countries may be willing to serve as a bulwark against Islamic fund