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  • Recipes: Cheese wrapped in tradition

    Spurred by tradition and nostalgia, and with a little help from her husband, JTA food writer Linda Morel tackles blintzes.

  • An exodus from seder’s heavy fare

    To balance the hard-boiled eggs, glistening casseroles and meaty entrees on seder tables, enlightened Passover hosts often select side dishes brimming with fresh produce. They’re filling but light, tasty and attractive.

  • Pre-Castro Cuban Chanukah

    Jews in Cuba before Fidel Castro’s Communist revolution enjoyed prosperous lifestyles, including Chanukah dishes based on local ingredients.

  • The Thanksgiving kosher challenge

    On Thanksgiving, foods Americans love must be tweaked to share a sideboard with turkey in kosher homes. Most cooks simply substitute margarine for butter and move on. But what happens to flavor in the process?

  • Homey recipes for Sukkot

    Sukkot, which entails setting up a temporary house, is probably the most homey Jewish holiday of all. A new cookbook offers warming recipes for the chag.

  • Recipes: Using nature’s bounty for Shavuot

    Cookbook writer Phyllis Glazer draws from the Bible, her experiences in Israel and knowledge of its seasons and history in creating Shavuot recipes.

  • Passover cooking goes Creole

    Soon after immigrant Jews from France and Germany started to form communities in New Orleans and other parts of the South, local flavor began to seep into their lives, and their traditional cooking.

  • Chanukah and the art of frying

    Some women have a knack for savoring life. Shoshana Barer, author of “The Jewish Maven Cookbook,” is that rare combination of glamour girl and domestic goddess.

  • Shaking up the Thanksgiving menu

    Recipes from Michael Schlow, an award-winning chef who grew up in a Jewish family that was "completely consumed with the experience of eating and dining."

  • Tzimmes spurs love of Jewish food

    Although tzimmes is most often associated with Rosh Hashanah because of its sweet ingredients, the dish is also served at Sukkot, when piping hot casseroles full of fall produce are infinitely practical.