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  • Italian Jewish recipes for breaking the fast

    Edda Servi Machlin recalls the exquisite tastes of her mother’s home cooking in a medieval Tuscan village before World War II in “Classic Italian Jewish Cooking.”

  • New elegant Jewish cookbook updates traditional fare

    Two mothers in a Chicago Hebrew day-school community have published an elegant Jewish cookbook as a labor of love.

  • Bubbe’s updated Passover cooking

    Cooking teacher Tina Wasserman remembers and honors earlier Jewish generations by updating and cooking their recipes; here she talks about Passover cooking.

  • U.S.’s Moscow ambassador hosts seder

    It´s always a challenge to prepare the many courses prescribed for a seder, but there are even more challenges involved when the seder is at Spaso House, the American ambassador to Russia´s residence in Moscow.

  • Cookbook features Jewish, Sicilian food

    In her “The Jewish-Sicilian Cookbook,” Paula Hensley Vincent, who has acted for both film and television, writes about her Jewish grandparents’ recipes, her husband’s Sicilian dishes and family stories from both sides.

  • Recipes for Chanukah

    Here are some recipes that go beyond the typical Chanukah fare of latkes and brisket to liven up any table on the Festival of Lights.

  • Creating a sukkah tour

    A sukkah tour is a great way to mark Sukkot and make celebrating the harvest festival a truly communal experience. Here’s how to organize one.

  • Recipes for Sukkot

    From sukkah tours and star gazing to picking apples, autumn brings with it the harvest festival of Sukkot, and all the delicious and aromatic recipes that come with it.

  • At break-fasts, bagels and lox rule

    When it comes to the moment the Yom Kippur fast is broken, no two families do it in the same way. Food columnist Linda Morel examines Jewish traditions, both new and old, for the best way to break your fast.

  • A new kind of honey cake

    While honey cake is often seen as a stodgy dessert, food columnist Linda Morel reenergizes this classic baked good with new tricks and new ingredients.