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  • New recipes for Shavuot tradition

    Jeffrey Nathan describes his unlikely path from dishwasher and Navy cook to renowned chef, and how he turned a mistake in preparing a Shavuot dessert into a savory holiday appetizer, smoked salmon cheesecake.

  • A Syrian Passover seder

    Syrian Jewish recipes offer exotic twists on familiar passover foods. Linda Morel offers some of the best recipes from this Sephardic tradition, from pistachio cookies to lamb to spinach-mint soup.

  • Homemade Purim treats sweeten holiday

    When homemade Purim treats fill traditional holiday gift baskets they somehow taste better than the store-bought variety.

  • Southern Sephardi Chanukah food

    At an Atlanta synagogue´s Chanukah bazaar, Sephardi recipes entice the community and pay tribute to the synagogue´s roots.

  • How Jewish is Thanksgiving?

    Although Thanksgiving is not on the Jewish calendar, historians believe that Sukkot may have inspired this American fall festival. Food columnist Linda Morel offers recipes for the holiday, some mirroring Jewish culinary themes.

  • Filled treats: the ‘stuff’ of Sukkot

    During the weeklong celebration of Sukkot, holiday recipes call for seasonal produce, particularly stuffed vegetables and baked goods. Food columnist Linda Morel offers plenty of options from familiar favorites such as stuffed cabbage to the unexpected, s

  • Preventing the post-fast stomach ache

    Eating light foods after fasting on Yom Kippur will be just as satisfying as filling up on heavy starches that typically leave your stomach rocking and rolling after you break your fast.

  • Cookbook mixes recipes, history

    With all the kosher cookbooks crowding kitchen shelves, why buy another volume on Jewish cuisine this Passover? The newly published “Hadassah Jewish Holiday Cookbook” includes enticing Passover recipes and practical tips on cooking with matzah

  • Rising up for hamantashen

    Although hamantashen have been a traditional tri-cornered treat for centuries, they still change with the times. Jewish cooking expert Linda Morel explains their evolution, and offers recipes from classic hamentashen with lekvar (prune or apricot spread)

  • A Chanukah cookbook

    Linda Burghardt set out to compose the book she longed for as a bride, one that not only included foolproof recipes, but conveyed how Jewish history is connected to holiday celebrations. Her book, “Jewish Holiday Traditions,” also encourages p