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  • Gaza rocket fire persists

    Palestinian rocket fire into Israel continued despite Egyptian efforts to stop the salvos.

  • Vagrants indicted in Oregon shul burglary

    Four men were indicted Wednesday for burglarizing an Orthodox synagogue in Eugene, Ore.

  • Study: Military fosters moderation

    Military service tends to soften the right-wing views of many Israeli men, a study found.

  • Hagel: Support for Israel not ‘automatic

    U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel told an Arab American audience that his support for Israel was not “automatic.”

  • Britain upbeat on Iran sanctions

    Britain’s foreign secretary discussed efforts to curb Iran’s nuclear program in an Israeli newspaper column.

  • Feinstein: Bush still can make Mideast peace

    The Bush administration still has a chance to leave a legacy of Israeli-Palestinian peace, based on an the Arab League initiative, a top Jewish Democratic U.S. senator said.

  • Rice: Common agenda needed for peace

    A “common agenda” is needed to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Condoleezza Rice said after meeting with Mahmoud Abbas.

  • An exodus from seder’s heavy fare

    To balance the hard-boiled eggs, glistening casseroles and meaty entrees on seder tables, enlightened Passover hosts often select side dishes brimming with fresh produce. They’re filling but light, tasty and attractive.

  • Pre-Castro Cuban Chanukah

    Jews in Cuba before Fidel Castro’s Communist revolution enjoyed prosperous lifestyles, including Chanukah dishes based on local ingredients.

  • The Thanksgiving kosher challenge

    On Thanksgiving, foods Americans love must be tweaked to share a sideboard with turkey in kosher homes. Most cooks simply substitute margarine for butter and move on. But what happens to flavor in the process?