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  • Pope Pius XII revisited

    The debate over what Pope Pius XII did or didn’t do to save the Jews during the Nazi era continues to roil. The latest effort to cleanse the record of the pope who is on the path to sainthood came at a symposium in Rome this week where an American Jew led the charge. As…

  • Parsing the Russian-Georgian conflict

    JTA’s Grant Slater, on the ground in Georgia, talks to JTA Senior Editor Lisa Hostein about the conflict, the Jewish rescue and relief effort and the debate over who’s responsible for the current mess. Audio sound funny? Upgrade your Flash player. To subscribe to JTA’s Behind the News podcast, click here.

  • Refugees worry about loved ones

    The town of Gori in north Georgia has become a barometer for the high pressure, international conflict entering its sixth day with an uneasy and unheeded cease-fire. Refugees from the town, which is close to Georgia’s border with the breakaway region of South Ossetia, were thirsty for information from staff members of the American Jewish…

  • The latest ‘Dreyfus affair?’

    First the al-Dura affair, now a to-do about the firing of a French columnist for his purported anti-Semitic rantings. The French media has been filled with self-examination this summer, much of it related to Jewish affairs. In the al-Dura affair, the French press questioned its role after a court ruled in favor of a media…

  • Goodbye Muddah

    Lisa Hostein’s son Ezra (left), with his buddy Alec, boards the bus to summer camp. Anyone who’s ever sent a child off to overnight camp for the first time knows exactly how I’m feeling. Oddly, the pit in my stomach only developed on Day 2. I was a bit teary during Ezra’s bus sendoff to…

  • A Philly fund-raiser throws support to Obama

    Jewish attorneys raising money for Democratic presidential candidates is hardly news. Nor is it all that unusual for them to switch allegiances once their favorite is out of the game. Still, not so long ago, at least one of Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters and fund-raisers had some major questions about Barack Obama, particularly on…

  • Obama tackles ‘pastor’ question again

    It’s the question that just won’t go away for presidential hopeful Barack Obama. He tried to tackle the “pastor question” head on in a meeting with Philadelphia Jews.

  • Who’s afraid of Obama fans?

    By several accounts, the Obama folks are keeping a tight rein on who is allowed to speak for the campaign (though we certainly can’t complain about our access to the candidate himself). But they may be shooting themselves in the foot as a result. Case in point: I visited Obama’s campaign office in the Philadelphia…

  • Suburban Jews could swing Pa. primary

    The Philadelphia suburbs – and its Jewish voters – could make the difference in Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary.

  • Courting Jewish voters in Pa.

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president launched a Jewish outreach effort in Pennsylvania, the state that could make or break her bid for the White House.