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  • Geneva meeting could be Israel hate-fest

    The upcoming U.N. World Conference Against Racism in Geneva is likely to single out Israel for criticism.

  • Two West Bank terrorists killed

    Israeli forces killed two Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank.

  • Reuters: Israeli shell killed cameraman

    Reuters said that one of its cameramen who was killed in the Gaza Strip was hit by an Israeli tank shell.

  • Israeli Arab wins Haggadah art contest

    An Israeli Arab teenager won a national contest for her illustrations of the Passover Haggadah.

  • Belarus activists fighting anti-Semitism

    Belarusian opposition activists have started a campaign against an anti-Semitic Russian newspaper.

  • Candidates differ on Iran retaliation

    The U.S. Democratic presidential candidates offered different takes on responding to any Iranian attack on Israel.

  • Obama tackles ‘pastor’ question again

    It’s the question that just won’t go away for presidential hopeful Barack Obama. He tried to tackle the “pastor question” head on in a meeting with Philadelphia Jews.

  • Who’s afraid of Obama fans?

    By several accounts, the Obama folks are keeping a tight rein on who is allowed to speak for the campaign (though we certainly can’t complain about our access to the candidate himself). But they may be shooting themselves in the foot as a result. Case in point: I visited Obama’s campaign office in the Philadelphia…

  • EJC to open Berlin office

    The London-based European Council of Jewish Communities is opening an office in the German capital.

  • Suburban Jews could swing Pa. primary

    The Philadelphia suburbs – and its Jewish voters – could make the difference in Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary.