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  • EJC to open Berlin office

    The London-based European Council of Jewish Communities is opening an office in the German capital.

  • Courting Jewish voters in Pa.

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president launched a Jewish outreach effort in Pennsylvania, the state that could make or break her bid for the White House.

  • Four cups of chocolate liqueur

    Godiva liqueur and Nesquik replace the four cups of wine in an unusual seder flavor.

  • Uncharted waters for crew, passengers

    Endless details prepared the staff and crew of the first kosher cruise for its maiden voyage in the Caribbean.

  • Peace talks turn more intense

    NEW YORK, Sept. 18 (JTA) — Despite a flurry of diplomatic activity, Israeli and Palestinian leaders are sounding increasingly downbeat about the prospects for peace. “No movement in the Palestinian position is perceptible, and therefore it is not yet clear if there is a partner on the other side who is ready” to reach an…

  • Jew revels in role as Bush’s spokesman

    PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 3 (JTA) — What’s a nice Jewish son of New York Democrats doing as the most visible spokesman of the Bush campaign? “You can thank Jimmy Carter for making me leave the Democratic Party, and Ronald Reagan for making me a Republican,” said Ari Fleischer, the 39-year-old senior communications adviser and spokesman for…

  • GOP courts Jewish vote with pro-Israel platform

    PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 1 (JTA) — Rarely in recent U.S. elections have a candidate’s views on Israel and the Middle East been a make-or-break issue for Jewish voters. It’s generally a given these days that most candidates are pro-Israel, or at least they espouse the traditional pro-Israel slogans during the campaign — support for a strong…

  • Jews in GOP say there’s no contradiction

    PHILADELPHIA, July 31 (JTA) — Clifford May, director of communications for the Republican National Committee, jokes that there is a common bond between being Jewish and being Republican: Both are hard to explain to the outside world. Vivian Young, a Jewish communal activist in Philadelphia, agrees, with one exception: She often avoids the explanation. “I’m…

  • To Jewish Republicans, it’s not about social issues

    PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 1 (JTA) — There is a reason that Republicans, when promoting their party to Jews, tend to dismiss their party’s platform as irrelevant or focus on foreign policy rather than domestic issues. As Robert Jubelirer, president pro tempore of the Pennsylvania state Senate and a delegate to the Republican National Convention here, put…

  • Cheney at odds with Jews over Iran sanctions

    PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 2 (JTA) — Dick Cheney, the Republican nominee for vice president, is at odds with the Jewish community over sanctions against Iran. Containing Iran has been a top priority for the organized Jewish community, which cites Iran’s record as a major sponsor of terrorism and a potential nuclear threat to Israel and the…