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  • Op-Ed: Upping the ante: Why I’m doubling down on the teen years

    It is time to elevate our investment in the teen years — when individuals begin exploring their identity, defining their values and shaping who they will become as adults — as a priority on our communal agenda, writes philanthropist Lynn Schusterman.

  • Op-Ed: Answering the call to greatness

    At a time of divisiveness and partisanship, we are reminded of the urgency of Martin Luther King Jr.’s call to greatness through service, an act upon which we can begin to build mutual understanding, writes the chair of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

  • Op-Ed: Embrace LGBT Jews as vital members of the community

    As the first-ever Jewish LGBT Movement Building Convening nears, now is the ideal time for the Jewish community to foster a welcoming, inclusive environment for LGBT Jews and to stand up for LGBT equality, writes Schusterman Family Foundation chief Lynn Schusterman.

  • Op-Ed: Reflections on King’s day and the Jewish call to service

    TULSA, Okla. (JTA) — In 2007, I issued a call to the Jewish community to make service to others a top priority. I urged that we step up our commitment to tzedek and tikkun olam by increasing both the number of young Jews doing service and our support for Jewish organizations that provide authentic service…

  • Israeli Navy cadet dies during exercise

    An Israeli naval cadet was killed during a diving exercise.

  • Volunteerism is a rite of passage

    Volunteer work is a rite of passage just as important for younger Jews as bar and bat mitzvah, philanthropist Lynn Schusterman writes.