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is JTA's copy editor. Prior to joining JTA in 2006, he served 15 years as the assistant managing editor at The New York Jewish Week. He also has worked as a reporter and editor in news and sports for daily and weekly newspapers in New Jersey.


  • Madoff the bogey man

    Here’s a hook on the Bernie Madoff debacle: reports that the scam by Madoff, an avid golfer, forced dozens of defrauded and newly penurious investors to resign from historically Jewish clubs, which were having a tough enough time without Madoff making things worse. Now that’s rough. Here’s the Golfweek story.

  • Did you hear the one about the bubbe telling a joke …

    Like the summer action flick “Snakes on a Plane,” director Sam Hoffman’s Jewish humor Web site is up front about what it offers: old Jews telling jokes.

  • Arkansas candidate refers to Schumer as ‘that Jew’

    A candidate in Arkansas for the U.S. Senate reportedly referred to Sen. Chuck Schumer as “that Jew.”

  • Groups want answers in ex-AIPAC staffers’ case

    U.S. Jewish leaders want answers as to why two former AIPAC officials were targeted for a federal investigation.

  • Maccabi Tel Aviv to play Knicks, Clippers

    Maccabi Tel Aviv will hit both U.S. coasts for exhibition games against NBA teams.

  • Berlin Jewish Museum to expand

    The Jewish Museum in Berlin will expand by converting a flower market.

  • Bibi vows all-out effort to bring home Shalit

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel would to do all it could to bring home kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

  • ‘Swine flu’ name won’t be changed in Israel

    The swine flu will not take any new names in Israel despite the unease of a health official from a fervently religious party.

  • Swedish teen jailed for Davis Cup protest

    A Swedish teenager was sentenced to 15 months in prison for rioting at an anti-Israel protest during a Davis Cup match.

  • Israeli couple killed in plane crash

    An Israeli couple was killed when their light aircraft went down over the sea off the western Greek island of Zakynthos, local authorities reported.