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  • Jewish celebs, Zohan’s diddy and JDub’s latest

    JTA’s new music reviewer, Matthue Roth, launches his Shtetl Blaster column with a look at American Jewish celebrities singing old school and Israeli rappers breaking new ground.

  • Unusual fans for an unusual metal band

    When my heavy-metal friends disclosed their secret pasts, it was a series of revelations: although they were muscly, pierced and dark-alley-nightmare-looking, when they told stories of their childhoods, each was nerdier than the last. Now, Spin Magazine reporter Mordechai Shinefield uncovers the newest of the nü-metal fans’ deep dark secrets: they’re ex-yeshiva boys. Elie Hassan…

  • Borscht Boss: Brooks Arthur on Catskills nostalgia, Barbra Streisand, and Adam Sandler?

    Brooks Arthur started his career as an audio engineer in the 60s, working on “My Boyfriend’s Back,” “The Locomotion,” and “Leader of the Pack” before building up to producing albums for the likes of Liza Minelli and Carole King. He struck up a friendship with a young breakaway comic named Adam Sandler led him to…