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  • Bill would strengthen U.S. sanctions against Iran

    U.S. lawmakers introduced a bipartisan bill that strengthens U.S. sanctions against Iran.

  • Gefilte fish dilemma not just congressional pork

    In time for the Passover season, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is looking into the question of loads of fish to make gefilte fish.

  • Bill would honor Miep Gies

    A bill honoring the life of the woman who hid Anne Frank’s family and salvaged her diary is winding its way through the U.S. House of Representatives.

  • Harvard students lobby alumni lawmakers on Iran

    Harvard students leading an Iran divestment campaign at the university traveled to Washington to garner support from alumni serving in Congress.

  • Farrakhan blames Obama woes on Jews, whites

    Louis Farrakhan blamed the Jews, among others, for President Obama’s difficulties.

  • Engel hits Obama on Syria rapprochement

    A Jewish Democratic congressman slammed President Obama for reappointing an ambassador to Syria.

  • U.S. trade rep drops Israel from watch list

    Israel and the United States Trade Representative struck a deal that will remove Israel from the USTR watch list.

  • Energy secretary urged to visit Israel

    A U.S. congressman urged Energy Secretary Steven Chu to modify his trip to the Middle East to include Israel.

  • U.S. Islamic envoy ‘regrets’ Al Arian remarks

    President Obama’s new Islamic envoy admitted to making critical statements against the prosecution of a professor with ties to Palestinian terrorists.

  • J Street congressional group snubbed, blocked from Gaza

    The head of a Democratic congressional delegation to Israel is criticizing the country’s deputy foreign minister for refusing to meet with the group over its connection to J Street.