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  • J Street congressional group snubbed, blocked from Gaza

    The head of a Democratic congressional delegation to Israel is criticizing the country’s deputy foreign minister for refusing to meet with the group over its connection to J Street.

  • PA settles with terror victim

    The Palestinian Authority settled a lawsuit for an undisclosed amount with the widow of an American killed in Israel in 2002.

  • Israel unites young pols

    During a recent AIPAC conference for college students, young Democratic and Republican leaders discussed their shared support for Israel – and the drink specials at the Hawk ‘n’ Dove.

  • Jewish groups help bridge victims

    Minneapolis-area Jews are offering aid and solace to victims of the tragic collapse of the I-35W Bridge in that city – and giving thanks for the survival of a former yeshiva student.

  • Israeli rights group headed to D.C.

    An Israeli human-rights organization is opening an office on Capitol Hill in an effort to influence U.S. foreign policy with reports on Jerusalem’s alleged abuses against Palestinians.

  • Stalling of immigration bill slammed

    Several Jewish groups criticized the U.S. Senate for failing to move forward on immigration reform.

  • Sderot residents tell of life under fire

    Three residents of Sderot were brought to the United States by Israel and American Jewish groups to speak about the experience of living in range of Palestinian rockets.

  • Groups shun anti-occupation rally

    Some Jewish groups will protest a rally against Israel’s occupation of Arab lands, but most will largely ignore this weekend’s event coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the Six-Day War.