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  • Volunteer doctors help elderly in FSU

    An expanding network of Jewish volunteer doctors is helping Jewish elderly in the former Soviet Union — no small task in a region where the average life expectancy of men has declined to 57 and the lifespan for women is not much higher.

  • Jewish activists hone in

    Jewish activists, prominent politicians and civil rights leaders gathered at the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism’s renovated facility to sharply condemn the Bush administration and its domestic agenda, which they feel needs to be fought,

  • Jews join anti-war rallies

    A Jewish contingent joined the hundreds of thousands of protesters against a war in Iraq who lined New York’s East Side in wintry weather to listen to speakers ranging from the head of the American Jewish World Service, Ruth Messinger, to South Afri

  • Blending environmentalism, Judaism

    Think green. That’s the message that the Jewish National Fund and The Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life are sending as they devise new ways to celebrate Tu B’Shevat, the holiday of the trees.

  • Orthodox group to help Iranian Jews

    An Orthodox group, Agudath Israel of America, recently announced an agreement with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society to pay the fee that Iranian Jews seeking refugee status in the United States must pay to cover their expenses while their cases are process

  • The new Latino-Jewish coalition?

    As the number of U.S. Latinos grows, some Jewish leaders say it makes sense to link Jewish political experience with Latino demographic influence. The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and the Latino-Jewish Leadership Council are trying to do just that.

  • Aid on way for Jewish refugees?

    The deployment of specially trained immigration agents abroad should help people hoping to enter the United States, immigration advocates say. While Jews make up only a small minority of the refugees trying to enter the United States, the move could help

  • Film portrays Hitler the artist

    “Max,” a new film due for release this month, explores the relationship between a Jewish art dealer named Max Rothman and a struggling young artist named Adolf Hitler in post-World War I Germany. Many potential financiers fled, deeming the pro

  • Native American an activist for Israel

    Rarely do Native Americans speak out on the issue of Israel. That is, except for Santos Hawk’s Blood Suarez, a Native American in New Jersey who calls himself a “one-man crusade” for the Jewish state.

  • Network tries to expand Jewish nation

    According to some estimates, more than 250,000 Jews in the U.S. live in multiracial families. The Jewish Multiracial Network wants to support this often-overlooked group, as well as Jews from other parts of the world and Sephardic Jews. The network is one