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  • Will ‘green’ forum bash Israel?

    South African Jewish groups are concerned that an upcoming environmental summit in Johannesburg could turn into another Israel-bashing session under United Nations sponsorship.

  • Jewish politician sues in S. Africa scandal

    A leading South African Jewish politician is suing some of his former allies for defamation of character.

  • Mandela employer dies at 90

    Lazar Sidelsky, a Jewish lawyer who gave a young Nelson Mandela a job as a clerk, died in Johannesburg at 90.

  • South Africans call for Israel sanctions

    Several organizations are calling on South Africa to couple its annual commemoration of a 1961 massacre of blacks with support for "human rights in Palestine" and sanctions against Israel.

  • S. African Jews show support for Israel

    Hundreds of delegates rallied behind Israel at South Africa´s largest Zionist conference in some 20 years.

  • Mandela backtracks on bin Laden

    South African Jewish leaders are criticizing Nelson Mandela, saying he bowed to Muslim pressure in retracting a statement he made last month supporting the American-led war in Afghanistan.

  • Jewish businessmen fund apartheid museum

    Shortly before the start of Chanukah celebrations marking the miracle of release from oppression, two Jewish South African businessmen plan to open a museum in Johannesburg to mark the miracle of the peaceful transition from apartheid to a democratic Sout

  • Anti-Jewish slur in Zimbabwe paper

    Accusations of an alleged Jewish plot to destroy Zimbabwe´s economy have been featured prominently in a newspaper there.

  • South African Jewish Cabinet minister blasts Israel

    CAPE TOWN, Oct. 25 (JTA) — A Jewish member of South Africa’s Cabinet is blaming Israeli policies for the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. “The fundamental cause of the conflict is Israel’s occupation of Palestine and the suppression of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination,” said the nation’s water affairs minister, Ronnie Kasrils, who also equated…

  • South Africans blast U.S. before conference

    JOHANNESBURG, Aug. 6 (JTA) — With criticism mounting against the upcoming World Conference Against Racism, South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has come out strongly against what it called attempts to dictate the meeting’s agenda. The statement by party spokesman Smuts Ngonyama, following a meeting of the party leadership Sunday, referred to U.S. opposition to…