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  • In Kazakhstan, Jews span miles to create community

    The geographic challenge to reach the 15,000 to 20,000 Jews in this vast land of 15 million, and unite them with a notion of a cohesive community, touches virtually every aspect of Jewish life today.

  • A shared destiny among Jews, Kazakhs

    In Kazakhstan, Jews and Muslims live side by side with good relations that date back decades.

  • Kazakhstan seen as bridge to Muslim world

    As Kazakhstan jockeys to be a major energy producer, observers often cite the Central Asian nation as a moderate Muslim bridge to the Islamic world.

  • Fears of another Durban

    Jewish activists are increasingly worried that a major U.N. anti-racism conference planned for April will mimic the 2001 Durban gathering that notoriously singled out Israel with the most incendiary language.

  • Ford Foundation still funding anti-Israel groups

    Seven years after an anti-racism conference in Durban devolved into an Israel hate-fest by groups backed by the Ford Foundation, the influential philanthropy is still funding groups that engage in the ‘Durban strategy’ to portray Israel as a racist state

  • Vitriol may follow Israel to Geneva

    While it’s too early to tell which groups hostile to Israel will show up at the anti-racism follow-up conference to Durban next year, at least two hint at what treatment awaits the Jewish state in Geneva.

  • Questions about New Israel Fund grantees

    The New Israel Fund, which receives millions of dollars from the Ford Foundation, faces a similar dilemma as the foundation: Some of its grantees may cross the line into anti-Israel demonization.

  • Ford funding to Jewish groups

    The Ford Foundation has doled out millions in grants to Jewish groups following a 2003 JTA series on its funding of pro-Palestinian groups that vilified Israel in Durban. Here are some of the beneficiaries.

  • Linking Israel to South Africa

    Linking Israel to the former apartheid state of South Africa can be traced back to the late 1960s, when the Soviet anti-Zionist campaign found common cause with Arab world grievances at the United Nations.

  • Egyptians kill Sudanese on Israel’s border

    Egyptian police killed a Sudanese migrant who tried to cross illegally into Israel.