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  • Discovering ‘last Jewish city’ in USSR

    The first and only team in 70 years is conducting field research on Jewish folklore in the historic region of Podolia, the only place in the Pale of Settlement where Jewish life survived the Holocaust intact.

  • Vilnius shul duel heats up

    At stake in a power struggle for control of the lone synagogue in Vilnius is who will benefit from the long-awaited restitution of Jewish communal property.

  • Holocaust education touchy in Baltics

    Holocaust education is spotty in the Baltics, where teaching children about atrocities may mean implicating their grandparents and denting national pride.

  • Conflicting narratives in the Baltics

    In the Baltics, where many people saw themselves as victims of the Soviets and welcomed the Nazis as liberators, not everyone accepts the Jews’ version of heroes and villains in World War II.

  • Love and learning at Baltics Limmud

    The marriage of two alumni from a Limmud conference in the Baltics may embody the essence of this annual get-together, which creates space for learning and schmoozing with peers in a comfortable Jewish environment.

  • Can FSU communities keep young leaders?

    Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union are relying on the younger generation for leadership. But with emigration and corporate jobs abroad increasingly available, can the cash-strapped communities keep their best and brightest?

  • Nazi-linked flag surfaces in Hungary

    Amid recent violent street protests in Hungary, one visual has struck that country’s Jews: the growing ubiquity of the centuries-old Arpad flag.

  • 1956 crises decimated two communities

    The second half of the 20th century was marked by crises that sparked waves of Jewish flight and immigration — but it was rare for two such crises to happen simultaneously, as happened in late 1956 with the Hungarian Revolution and the Suez Crisis

  • 1956: A tale of two crises

    For one man, the twin crises of October 1956 — the Hungarian revolt against the Soviets and the Suez War in Egypt — played a large role in determining his family history.

  • Israel escapes slam at IAEA

    Canada led the effort to reject a slam against Israel at the normally apolitical general conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency.