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  • How to try Iraqi war criminals?

    Proposals for the type of court that should try alleged Iraqi war criminals are pouring in from across the spectrum, including the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s call for a Nuremberg-style tribunal to be held in Iraq.

  • Central Asian Jews feel comfortable

    At a time when some Jews despair at the apparent depth of Muslim hatred for Jews around the world, perhaps the warmest Muslim-Jewish relations can be found, surprisingly, in heavily Muslim Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, carved from the former Soviet Union.

  • Uzbek Jewish leader a checkers champ

    Checkers, a board game that is mostly the domain of the young in North America has for decades been competitive sport across the former Soviet Union, and Markiel “Marik” Fazilov, a Bukharan Jew, is a grandmaster. He has won two world champions

  • Uzbek Jews trade free speech for security

    Welcome to what locals call the “benign dictatorship" of Uzbek President Islam Karimov. As the director of Hillel-Tashkent concedes, “Here, both the bad things and the good things are forbidden." With the threat of Islamic insurgents close at

  • Arabs see double standard on Iraq

    As pressure mounts on Baghdad, Arab diplomats are accusing the United Nations – and the United States, especially – of “double standards” when it comes to enforcing U.N. dictates against Iraq and not Israel. But how valid is the co

  • Groups seek strategy against anti-Semitism

    The new strain of anti-Semitism that has broken out around the world, couching itself in anti-Israel rhetoric, requires a global strategy in response, Jewish and Israeli leaders agree.

  • The semantics of anti-Semitism

    Among the propaganda assaults on Israel and the Jewish people is one that may seek to dilute the meaning of "anti-Semitism."

  • At forum, Israel compared to Nazis

    The Arab world´s assault on Israel in international forums reached new heights — or new lows — in Geneva this week, when the Algerian delegate to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights repeatedly invoked Holocaust imagery to describe Israel

  • Mideast violence turns personal for U.N.

    The escalating violence between Israel and the Palestinians has turned very personal for the United Nations.

  • The rocky U.S.-Palestinian relationship

    After 12 years of peaks and valleys, U.S. relations with the Palestinian leadership may be sliding toward rock bottom.