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  • Arabs ease up on Israel at Durban II prep

    Arab and Muslim states, running the risk of driving out more Western nations if they exploit Israel, take a relatively tame approach at a forum preparing for next year’s U.N. racism conference.

  • Groups rap film’s Holocaust linkage

    Watchdog groups are condemning a new anti-evolution film that suggests Darwinism gave rise to Nazism and the Holocaust.

  • Meanwhile, at the U.N. anti-racism prep conference in Geneva

    Another day, another tongue lashing from Anne Bayefsky. Bayefsky, the director of the Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust at Touro College, has become a Jewish gadfly here in Geneva, as speechifying diplomats wrapped the first week of a two-week “preparatory” session for the 2009 World Conference Against Racism. A common theme here is…

  • Prepping in Geneva for U.N. “anti-racism” conference

    Noel Hidalgo/Creative Commons JTA correspondent Michael J. Jordan visits with the diplomats in Geneva preparing for the 2009 World Conference Against Racism as they seek to widen the definition of anti-Semitism to include Islamophobia – Arabs are Semites, after all – and talk of the importance of focusing on “state racism.” Guess which state? Parsing…

  • U.K. voices backing for Israeli nukes

    The British government hinted Israel may have good reason to have the Middle East’s only nuclear arms.

  • Polish rabbinical group is re-established

    The Rabbinical Association of Poland is being revived for the first time since the 1930s.

  • Ex-Gitmo detainee says Jews poisonous

    A former Guantanamo detainee wrote in his diary that Western society was “full of poison” introduced by Jews.

  • Scholar: European Jewish groups ineffective

    A European Jewish leader says European Jewish groups do not represent the interests of the continent’s Jews.

  • Far-right group rises in Hungary

    The apparent receptiveness by many in Hungary to the rhetoric of a new far-right party has Hungarian Jews worried about being cast as outsiders.

  • Jewish remains found in Ukraine

    A grave believed to contain the remains of Jews was found in eastern Ukraine.