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is a JTA correspondent in South Africa. A law graduate and psychology major, she is the Cape Town correspondent for the South African Jewish Report. She contributes to London's Jewish Chronicle, is a reporter for the Cape Jewish Chronicle and has been published in the Cape Times and Cape Argus.


  • Secular mother experiences outreach

    On the advice of her religiously observant daughter, a secular mother studied Torah in Jerusalem with an outreach group. She’s not buying a wig just yet, but feels enriched.

  • S. Africa won’t meet Hamas after all

    Following pressure from the community, South Africa’s president promised Jewish leaders that he would not meet with Hamas members after all.

  • South Africa’s Holocaust center

    The Cape Town Holocaust center and South Africa’s department of education held a seminar for educators to explore how social Darwinism, race and eugenics motivated Nazi ideology and partially influenced apartheid ideology.

  • South Africans aid Israeli terror survivors

    Divote, a South African Jewish community initiative, brings help and happiness into the lives of young Israelis affected by terrorism.

  • A South African Jewish cookbook

    A South African Jewish seniors association is creating a cookbook that will not only be a great source of recipes of the country’s unique cuisine, but will also provide a social history of South African Jewry.

  • Descendant of Swazi royals becomes a rabbi

    A descendant of Swazi royals recounts his journey from language student in South Africa to Orthodox rabbi in Israel.

  • South Africa’s Jewish pioneers

    A new book investigates the history of a hardy band of Jewish pioneers in Namaqualand, a remote, arid region in South Africa.

  • South African Jews urged to reach out

    South Africa’s chief rabbi has accused the country’s Jews of not sufficiently supporting a community outreach initiative aimed at their black counterparts.

  • Centenarian sets sprint record

    A Jewish centenarian from South Africa has set a world record for his age group in the 100-meter sprint.

  • Israelis back South African fruit venture

    An Israeli initiative aims to help a black empowerment project in South Africa play a major role in supplying a rare fruit to the world market.