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is a JTA correspondent in South Africa. A law graduate and psychology major, she is the Cape Town correspondent for the South African Jewish Report. She contributes to London's Jewish Chronicle, is a reporter for the Cape Jewish Chronicle and has been published in the Cape Times and Cape Argus.


  • South Africa’s Holocaust center

    The Cape Town Holocaust center and South Africa’s department of education held a seminar for educators to explore how social Darwinism, race and eugenics motivated Nazi ideology and partially influenced apartheid ideology.

  • South Africans aid Israeli terror survivors

    Divote, a South African Jewish community initiative, brings help and happiness into the lives of young Israelis affected by terrorism.

  • A South African Jewish cookbook

    A South African Jewish seniors association is creating a cookbook that will not only be a great source of recipes of the country’s unique cuisine, but will also provide a social history of South African Jewry.

  • Descendant of Swazi royals becomes a rabbi

    A descendant of Swazi royals recounts his journey from language student in South Africa to Orthodox rabbi in Israel.

  • South Africa’s Jewish pioneers

    A new book investigates the history of a hardy band of Jewish pioneers in Namaqualand, a remote, arid region in South Africa.

  • South African Jews urged to reach out

    South Africa’s chief rabbi has accused the country’s Jews of not sufficiently supporting a community outreach initiative aimed at their black counterparts.

  • Centenarian sets sprint record

    A Jewish centenarian from South Africa has set a world record for his age group in the 100-meter sprint.

  • Israelis back South African fruit venture

    An Israeli initiative aims to help a black empowerment project in South Africa play a major role in supplying a rare fruit to the world market.

  • Back in Africa for Passover

    “Lights, camera — action!” is not the usual opening to the Passover seder, but viewers tuning into South African television on April 11 could well be forgiven for making that mistake. They’ll see a seder with a uniquely African twi

  • New book stirs apartheid debate

    A new book that examines the role of Jews in apartheid South Africa is stirring up controversy by suggesting that the Jewish community mostly stood by while white South Africa persecuted the country´s black majority.