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is a JTA correspondent in South Africa. A law graduate and psychology major, she is the Cape Town correspondent for the South African Jewish Report. She contributes to London's Jewish Chronicle, is a reporter for the Cape Jewish Chronicle and has been published in the Cape Times and Cape Argus.


  • ANC lawmakers rip Israel

    African National Congress lawmakers said Israeli abuses against Palestinians “make apartheid look like a Sunday school picnic.”

  • P.A. South Africa envoy blames Hamas

    The Palestinian ambassador to South Africa told parliament that Hamas was mostly to blame for the Gaza Strip war.

  • Letter protests South African Jewish leaders

    A letter from a group of Jewish South Africans published in a Cape Town newspaper tells Jewish leaders who support Israel’s Gaza operation not to speak for them.

  • Zimbabwe Jews holding out

    With Zimbabwe in the throes of an economic and political crisis, the country’s tiny Jewish community is holding steady. Most say they don’t want to leave.

  • Politics, violence worry S. Africa Jews

    South African Jews are feeling unnerved by a wave of violence in which several Jews have been murdered over the past few months and by the political ascendancy of a controversial figure who is likely to be the next president.

  • S. African Jewry grapples with exodus

    While the emigration of South African Jews to places like Australia has slowed in recent years, three decades of flight continues to vex a community still struggling to adapt.

  • Founder of Melton Mini-School dies

    Florence Melton, who in her 70s pioneered a concept in adult Jewish education that was named for her and became a global enterprise, died in Florida at the age of 95.

  • South African Jews cite bias in censorship group

    South Africa’s Jewish community has accused the country’s censorship watchdog group of anti-Israel, pro-Islamist bias.

  • Secular mother experiences outreach

    On the advice of her religiously observant daughter, a secular mother studied Torah in Jerusalem with an outreach group. She’s not buying a wig just yet, but feels enriched.

  • S. Africa won’t meet Hamas after all

    Following pressure from the community, South Africa’s president promised Jewish leaders that he would not meet with Hamas members after all.