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  • Bannon and Breitbart: Friends of Israel, not anti-Semites

    (JTA) — In his inspiring book “Words That Hurt, Words that Heal,” Rabbi Joseph Telushkin wrote: “Because words can be used to inflict devastating and irrevocable suffering, Jewish teachings go so far as to compare cruel words to murder.” Thus it is painful to see the malicious character assassination and false accusations of “anti-Semitism” being…

  • Op-Ed: Arab terrorism responsible for latest Pew study findings

    PHILADELPHIA (JTA) — The recent Pew Research Center study finding that about half of Israeli Jews favor transferring Arabs from Israel reveals the fear, frustration and misery that Israeli Jews feel after being subjected to decades of Arab terrorist attacks that have killed and maimed thousands of innocents. Even 54 percent of Masorti (traditional) Israeli…

  • Op-Ed: Obama and Israel are not on the same page

    Israel and President Obama are not of the same mind, or even close, argues the national president of the Zionist Organization of America.

  • Op-Ed: What Obama should say about the Palestinians in the State of the Union

    If he wants to make progress in the Middle East, President Obama should tell the Palestinian Authority to stop incitement against Israel and prepare the Palestinian people for peace, writes the president of the Zionist Organization of America.

  • Op-Ed: J Street should rescind its invitation to Al-Marayati

    If J Street is pro-Israel, why is it distorting polling data on Israeli and U.S. Jewish support for settlements, hosting an anti-Israel figure at an upcoming conference and taking money from Arabs, the president of the Zionist Organization of America asks.

  • Op-Ed: Hillary Clinton’s troubling transformation

    It took only a matter of weeks to confirm that on Israel, Secretary of State Clinton bears little resemblance to Senator Clinton, ZOA President Morton Klein writes.

  • Op-Ed: Mitchell is wrong man for Mideast envoy

    George Mitchell apparently refuses to focus objectively on the evidence and distinguish between the real aggressor and the real victim in the Israel-Palestinian struggle, says the Zionist Organization of America’s Morton Klein.

  • Palestinian statehood not the answer

    Only when the Palestinians demonstrate acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state will negotiations produce peace, not bloodshed.

  • Annapolis will repeat failures

    Annapolis has as much chance of succeeding as did Oslo because the same mistakes that ensured failure then are being made again now, the Zionist Organization of America’s Morton Klein asserts.