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  • Chronology of Ariel Sharon’s life

    A timeline of the former Israeli prime minister’s life.

  • Mothers protest Israeli cuts

    A single mother´s 120-mile hike to protest government cuts to income supplements has captivated the public and spawned similar treks around the country. The protests come in response to budget cuts pushed by Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, aime

  • Islamic Movement leaders indicted

    Arab-Jewish tensions in Israel appear likely to rise after five senior members of the Islamic Movement, including its leader, Sheik Ra´ed Salah, were indicted for working with Hamas-linked terrorist organizations.

  • Mideast diplomatic efforts revive

    Efforts are reviving to get peace efforts back on track after violence that left dozens of Israelis and Palestinians dead. An Egyptian delegation continues to press Palestinian terror groups to accept a cease-fire on attacks against Israelis, and a U.S.

  • Israel, Hamas step it up

    The fragile peace efforts launched last week at the Middle East summit in Aqaba, Jordan, appeared to be unraveling at a dizzying pace as Israel and the Palestinians were drawn back into a familiar and bloody pattern of violence and retaliation.

  • Islamic Movement members arrested

    In addition to the fight against terrorism in the West Bank and Gaza, Israeli authorities also are focusing their efforts inward, arresting senior members of the radical Islamic Movement in northern Israel for allegedly aiding Hamas.

  • Mitzna resigns as Labor leader

    Israel’s Labor Party, already in shambles since its stinging defeat in the general elections earlier this year, became even more unsettled as Amram Mitzna stepped down as party leader, blaming infighting and backstabbing by senior party officials fo

  • Violence surges in Israel

    Following a period of relative quiet during the early weeks of the war in Iraq, Israeli-Palestinian violence is surging again as President Bush continues to signal his determination to press ahead with the diplomatic “road map” toward Israeli

  • Netanya attack linked to Iraq war

    Palestinian support for Iraq during the U.S-led military campaign took on a new dimension in a suicide bombing in the Israeli city of Netanya that wounded dozens of people. In claiming credit for the terror attack, Islamic Jihad said it was, in part, aime

  • Families mourn for bus bombing victims

    “Answer me,” blared the headline of an Israeli newspaper Thursday, summarizing a father’s desperate efforts to reach his son after their cell phone conversation was cut off by a suicide bomb attack. Stunned classmates and friends of the