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  • Israel launches new military operation

    The Israeli army began an extensive West Bank operation after the Cabinet decided that the army would hold Palestinian areas until terror attacks cease. Israeli tanks rumbled into Kalkilya after earlier taking control of Nablus, Jenin, Tulkarm, Bethlehem

  • Bus bombing rocks Jerusalem

    The bomb aboard a crowded Jerusalem bus shook surrounding neighborhoods. Will the reverberations reach Washington, where President Bush’s much-anticipated speech on Middle East policy is being finalized?

  • Israel seeks response to terror

    Confronted with a seemingly unending wave of terror, Israeli officials are searching for a response to the latest attack — this one a bombing that killed 17 people.

  • Israeli, Palestinian moves spark anger

    If Israel and the Palestinian Authority are interested in having the United States help them move toward a peace deal, they weren’t showing it this week.

  • Israel to continue limited operations

    Confronted with a near-daily barrage of terror attacks, Israel’s military has adopted a policy of launching limited operations in Palestinian population centers on the West Bank to find and arrest suspected terrorists.

  • Israel suffers new wave of terror

    Israeli officials are considering whether to launch another broad military campaign following the latest Palestinian terror attacks.

  • Arafat calls for new elections

    Israeli politicians and pundits alike were skeptical after Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat called this week for new Palestinian elections.

  • Israel backs off Gaza operation

    Israel´s decision to shelve an incursion into the Gaza Strip may provide an opening for diplomatic efforts to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

  • Bombing dims hope for diplomacy

    For a few brief days, it appeared there might be room for a diplomatic opening to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Now, however, diplomacy may again take a back seat to terrorism and counterterror operations.

  • Arafat uses freedom to blast Israel

    The Palestinian Authority president emerged Thursday from his Ramallah headquarters and immediately denounced Israelis as "terrorists, Nazis and racists."