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  • Israel calls for more diplomacy

    With Israel´s military operation in the West Bank nearly over, Israeli officials are calling for a speedy resumption of the diplomatic process.

  • None dare call it war

    With barely a moment´s breather between attack and counterattack in the Middle East, it seems as if the dogs of war have indeed been loosed, even in the absence of any formal declarations.

  • Terrorists kill 21 Israelis

    A Saudi peace plan has been all but forgotten in Israel after a series of terror attacks over the weekend killed 21 Israelis.

  • Violence across West Bank, Gaza

    A week punctuated by terror attacks has been capped off with fighting across the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

  • Lawmaker´s trial opens in Israel

    An Israeli Arab lawmaker has become the first member of Knesset to go on trial for statements he has made.

  • Saudi peace initiative draws interest

    A new Saudi peace initiative has created a stir in the Middle East and drawn Israeli interest.

  • Israeli court OKs draft deferrals

    Israel´s High Court of Justice has upheld a temporary arrangement granting draft deferments to yeshiva students.

  • Knesset passes Shin Bet law

    The Knesset has passed a landmark law defining the responsibilities and authorities of the Shin Bet security service — but without addressing the controversial use of mild torture in interrogations of suspected terrorists.

  • Israel, Iran in war of words

    A war of words has erupted between Israel and Iran.

  • Israeli troops withdraw

    U.S. officials welcomed Israel´s move to ease restrictions on the Palestinians just as special envoy Anthony Zinni arrived in the region.