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  • Op-Ed: Supporting Israel’s media strengthens its democracy

    Supporting the Israeli media makes Israel a better democracy and American Jews better friends of Israel, writes the spokesperson for Americans for Peace Now.

  • Op-Ed: What Obama should say in his State of the Union address

    If he wants to jump-start Israeli-Palestinian peace, President Obama should make it a priority in his State of the Union address, says Ori Nir, spokesperson of Americans for Peace Now — and Nir provides the substance of what the president should say.

  • Op-Ed: It’s not the economy in Palestinian-Israel conflict

    Palestinian economic development isn’t the path to resolving Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians, as some wanted to believe. Only a political solution will do, says the spokesman of Americans for Peace Now.

  • Op-Ed: Two states the only hope for Gaza normalcy

    Just as a two-state solution is the only way in which Israel can secure its long-term character as a Jewish and democratic state, so does it provide the only hope for Gaza to reach a reasonable level of normalcy and sustainability in the long run, writes the spokesman for Americans for Peace Now.

  • Two-state solution, not apartheid

    Pro-Israel advocates in America do Israel a service when they confront the canard that Israel is an apartheid state. But U.S. Jews also should promote a two-state solution to make sure Israel doesn’t become an apartheid-like regime.

  • Zuckerman: Israel a ‘client state’ of U.S.

    Mort Zuckerman, the editor of U.S. News & World Report, called Israel a “client state” of the United States.

  • New trial ordered for Ahenakew

    Canada’s Saskatchewan province has ordered a second hate crimes trial against former native chief David Ahenakew.

  • Watching the Super Bowl in Israel

    Nefesh B’Nefesh set up a large-screen TV in its Jerusalem offices for expatriate Americans to watch the Super Bowl.

  • Where is support for parley?

    Israeli and American officials have laid out some clear and simple goals for Annapolis. So why aren’t most American Jewish groups supporting their effort, asks the Americans for Peace Now spokesman.

  • German SS guard ordered deported

    An 85-year-old German citizen was ordered deported days after he left the United States of his own accord.