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  • Will kidnapping make France more pro-Arab?

    Regardless of the fate of two French journalists held hostage in Iraq, appeals from the Arab world for their release are likely to reinforce France’s pro-Arab foreign policy, observers say.

  • Sharp rise in attacks in France

    In France, anti-Semitic incidents are occuring at nearly twice the 2003 rate. Here is a list of 2004 incidents.

  • French Jews demand security

    Jewish officials in Paris are calling for increased security measures after a Jewish center was gutted by fire and marked with anti-Semitic slogans and graffiti.

  • Sharon comments rile France

    France rescinded an invitation to Ariel Sharon after the Israeli prime minister called on French Jews to immigrate to Israel because of anti-Semitism at home.

  • French Jews reel from anti-Semitic hoax

    French Jews hope that a staged anti-Semitic attack won’t do too much damage to the fight against anti-Semitism in France.

  • Jews back new European leader

    Jose Manuel Durao Barroso of Portugal, the prospective new head of the European Commission, has gotten a fairly positive reaction from European Jewish groups, though his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are still something of an unknown.

  • U.S., Europe disagree over fighting hate

    Americans and Europeans agree on the need to combat hate on the Internet, they just disagree on how to do it.

  • Attacks in France intensifying

    Following the stabbing of a French yeshiva student, Jewish officials say French courts must impose tougher sentences if they want to discourage anti-Semitic attacks.

  • Europeans choose new legislators

    Upcoming elections for the European Parliament could affect the European body’s future voting record on Israel, which reached new lows during its recent term.

  • E.U. Constitution debate rejoined

    Faith may have the ability to move mountains, but it’s not clear if it will be strong enough to budge politicians. With a deadline approaching for the E.U. Constutition, a number of European states are making one last attempt to insert a reference to Chri