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  • Geneva signing set for next week

    The "Geneva accord" peace plan — negotiated by out-of-office politicians and downplayed by Israeli officials — nevertheless has mobilized many supporters who are preparing to gather in Switzerland for a formal signing ceremony.

  • Circus at Holocaust site sparks spat

    Some French Jews are outraged by a traveling circus on a site from which French Jews were sent to their deaths in World War II – while some survivors accuse the protestors of political posturing.

  • France to get tough on anti-Semitism

    A recent arson attack on a Jewish school near Paris convinced France´s government that it was time to take tough measures against anti-Semitism.

  • Poll: Israel threatens world peace

    According to a recent poll, Europeans consider Israel more of a threat to world peace than any other country.

  • Is Europe funding ‘Geneva accord´?

    Israeli officials are incensed by reports that European states are offering financial backing to a peace plan negotiated by Israeli opposition figures and that runs counter to government policy.

  • Parisian Jews rally for Israel

    French Jewish leaders are breathing sighs of relief after police intervention allowed a pro-Israel demonstration outside Palestinian Authority offices in Paris to proceed without violent incident.

  • French Jews prepare for Le Pen campaign

    French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen´s campaign for the leadership of a key region in southern France has worried leaders of local Jewish communities, who fear a victory would give credence to Le Pen´s anti-Semitic politics.

  • E.U.´s Hamas decision praised

    European Jewish groups and the Bush administration are welcoming the decision by the European Union to ban Hamas´ political wing, but Israel supporters are uncertain whether the decision will result in any substantial action.

  • Heat wave fills French morgues

    With France battered by a record heat wave this month, the Jewish death rate has almost tripled in Paris, and Jewish organizations have struggled to cope as unburied corpses have had to wait up to four days for Jewish burial.

  • Town marks Rashi’s anniversary

    In 2005, the French city of Troyes will celebrate the 900th anniversary of the death of its most famous son, known to the Jewish world by his acronym of Rashi. Rashi is esteemed for his monumental commentary on the Talmud and the Torah.