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  • Rabbis protesting fence hearing arrested

    Pro-Israel activists gathered outside the U.N. to speak out against the hearings on Israel´s security fence being held at the International Court of Justice at The Hague.

  • A new deal on overseas funds?

    Several federation leaders are working on a deal on one of the most contentious issues surrounding the United Jewish Communities — filling overseas funding needs. Now they have to sell the proposal to the rest of the federation system.

  • Jewish groups prep for fence hearing

    Jewish groups fear an outpouring of anti-Zionist vitriol at the upcoming International Court of Justice hearing on Israel’s West Bank security fence — and they’re preparing strategies to fight back.

  • Federation in UJC dues flap

    A Virginia federation that has withheld UJC member dues in its desire to see changes at the umbrella organization may be ousted if it doesn’t pay up.

  • Plan aims to secure Jewish sites

    When it comes to terrorist threats, it’s time for Jewish institutions to wake up, security experts and national Jewish groups say. A new network called SCAN has developed a system to alert Jewish institutions in case of danger.

  • Training high school advocates

    A coalition of 34 Jewish groups is trying to instill pride in Israel among Jewish high school students and arm them with Israel advocacy tools before they reach college campuses.

  • UJC overseas fund spat reopened

    A controversial decision on fund distribution to the North American Jewish federation system’s overseas partners — an issue that appeared to have been settled — has been reopened after a major federation had second thoughts.

  • Campus advocates spring ready

    Jewish students who underwent an intense Israel advocacy training over winter break are returning to college primed to defend Israel on campus with passion and energy.

  • Students return to Israel programs

    Despite the ongoing intifada and the conflict in Iraq, American students are returning to Israel study programs. In some cases, the unrest has even piqued students´ interest in the region.

  • Jews, Israelis help quake victims

    Iran’s fundamentalist regime, which is struggling to recover from a Dec. 26 earthquake that killed at least 20,000 people, rejected humanitarian aid from the “Zionist entity” — but American Jews and Israelis are still finding ways to help the victims.