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  • Israel takes the stage at the G.A.

    The upcoming United Jewish Communities General Assembly, aptly named "With Israel, For Israel," will focus on solidarity with the Jewish state, putting other agendas on the back burner.

  • Dean meets Jewish leaders

    Before his first major meeting with American Jewish leaders, presidential hopeful Howard Dean ducked into a Manhattan sukkah for a quick picture with children. But it will take more than a photo-op for Dean, who vexed many members of the Jewish community

  • Jews on NRA’s ‘blacklist

    Jews and Jewish organizations figure prominently on the National Rifle Association’s “anti-gun” list — and they’re proud of it.

  • Israel still in hot seat at U.N.

    The world’s preoccupation with the chaos in Iraq is unlikely to divert attention from the trademark scrutiny of Israel by the United Nations General Assembly.

  • Dad blocks daughter from Israel study

    Five Americans were chosen for Israel’s three-year Elite Academy high school, the first time the 12-year-old program has been opened to children from North America. But one father won’t let his daughter go.

  • Terror victims tour U.S.

    In an emotionally charged visit to the U.S., some 20 victims of Palestinian terrorism connected with politicians and sympathizers in New York, whose own experience on Sept. 11 has created a bond between them and the Israeli visitors.

  • Overseas funding decision not expected soon

    The North American federation system’s two main overseas agencies are about to make their case for a share of a dwindling pot of funds. The decision will affect how much money is spent in Israel and other nations with Jews in need.

  • Falash Mura turn to court

    Hundreds of Falash Mura, Ethiopian Jews whose ancestors converted to Christianity, filed a lawsuit against Israel for allegedly delaying their immigration to the Jewish state. The complaint highlights the controversy surrounding the aliyah of these immigr

  • Report: Arabs colluded to expel Jews

    The group Justice for Jews from Arab Countries has released a document charging Arab countries with systematic persecution of Jews amid the creation of the State of Israel. They hope to seek redress if Israeli-Arab peace talks resume.

  • Israel programs report upswing

    Student trips and academic programs in Israel are reporting increases over 2002 levels, perhaps because parents have grown tired of postponing their kids’ Israel experience while they wait for terror attacks to stop.