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  • A new vision for federations

    In an address to the United Jewish Communities board of trustees, CEO Stephen Hoffman gave the North American federation system a glimpse of the vision it has long been seeking.

  • UJC to slash budget

    The United Jewish Communities is hoping to mollify critics and open a new chapter by adopting some of the largest budget cuts in its four-year history. Several projects were eliminated or deeply slashed to achieve nearly 10 percent in cutbacks.

  • 100,000 marchers  how many opinions?

    Along New York City’s rain-soaked Fifth Avenue, more than 100,000 Jews marched for Israel, rallying for a single cause. When asked about the “road map” peace plan, however, the marchers’ answers were anything but uniform.

  • McDonald’s to sponsor kosher ed

    McDonald’s and kashrut? An Illinois court has ruled that the world’s most ubiquitous burger joint must sink $1 million into education about Judaism’s kosher laws.

  • Busy year for student activists

    NEW YORK, May 13 (JTA) — The following is a timeline of major events over the past year with regard to North American campuses: • May 2002: Following the “Passover massacre” bombing in Israel, Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life launches its first Israel advocacy mission. The program draws 400 students for the five-day…

  • The Jewish jobless

    With the United States engulfed in a two-year job slump, Jewish vocational services and social-service agencies face a double challenge: they are flooded with new clients and coping with slashed government funding.

  • Fear for Jews in Muslim lands

    As the U.S. military pounds Iraq, the Jewish communities remaining in Muslim countries may become increasingly vulnerable; to some Muslims, these tiny groups represent Israel and America.

  • ADL: Campus anti-Semitism up

    A key finding in the ADL’s latest Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents showed anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses climbing 24 percent over the previous year. Overall, incidents increased slightly across the U.S.

  • Jewish groups square off over funds

    In an extraordinary move to meet pressing aid needs overseas, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee has made a direct appeal to local federations for emergency funding, triggering confusion among the federations and a sharply worded rebuke by U

  • New winds at Israel’s U.N. mission

    Dan Gillerman, Israel’s new ambassador to the U.N., is the first Israeli in that slot to come from the business world. He tells the JTA how he hopes to transform Israel’s U.N. presence from one consumed with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict t