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  • Similarities across the pond

    A British survey of Jewish life finds that comparable levels of British and American Jews consider themselves secular.

  • British writer ignores pro-Israel letters

    A British newspaper columnist who admits that he ignores pro-Israel letters to the editor if the writer has a Jewish name will not be punished, the country’s media watchdog has decided.

  • Sharon visit to Britain seen as success

    Israeli officials are pleased with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon´s three-day visit to London, which followed months of tension between Britain and the Jewish state. Despite a decidedly warm visit, disagreements over the fate of Palestinian prisoners a

  • Oxford moves against professor

    An Oxford professor could be fired after rejecting the job application of an Israeli student. The professor´s e-mail, in which he refused to hire the student because he had served in the Israeli army, has angered many across the globe.

  • Britain may outlaw kosher slaughter

    An animal welfare body in Britain is planning to make recommendations that would outlaw kosher slaughter in England, Scotland and Wales. Jewish authorities have ruled unanimously that such a move is unacceptable, and at least 10 members of Parliament have

  • Israel furious at British comments

    After British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the West has been guilty of “double standards” by pressing Iraq harder than Israel to obey the United Nations, Israel immediately protested the comparison, calling Straw’s comments “w

  • British chief rabbi revises controversial book

    You can’t please all of the people all of the time. That seems to be the lesson for Britain’s Orthodox chief rabbi after he revised a controversial book. The publication of the first edition by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks sparked a storm of criticism

  • Israel protests London newspaper cartoon

    The Israeli Embassy in London has accused a British newspaper of perpetuating the blood libel against Jews after it ran a cartoon that depicted Prime Minister Ariel Sharon eating a baby.

  • Muslim cleric faces life in jail

    British Jews have welcomed the hate crimes conviction of Sheik Abdullah Faisal, a radical Muslim cleric who urged his followers to kill Jews, Hindus and Westerners.

  • British census undercounted Jews?

    There may be far more Jews in Great Britain than just-released census data indicates. One expert with a London think tank said “Everything points to an undercount by the census;” his group calculates that there may be as many as 310,000 Jews i