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  • Olmert rapped over civil defense

    Israel’s government watchdog accused the prime minister of faulty cooperation with a probe into the Lebanon war.

  • German bishops: Palestinians like Holocaust victims

    German Catholic leaders on a tour of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza compared the situation of Palestinians to that of Jews in the Holocaust.

  • French Socialist fights for votes

    Left-wing parties in France traditionally have taken the Jewish vote for granted, but Socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal is struggling in the community with the balloting a month away.

  • Russian sentenced for anti-Semitic messaging

    A Moscow law student was sentenced to 150 hours of public service for sending anti-Semitic text messages to be broadcast on local television in May.

  • Livni presses E.U. on Iran, Hamas

    Israel’s foreign minister urged her European Union counterparts to consider a hard line against Iran and a cautious approach to the new Palestinian Authority government.

  • Orthodox feminists push for agunot

    An Orthodox feminist group is launching an advertising campaign on behalf of agunot, whose husbands refuse to give them a get, or Jewish bill of divorce.

  • New Republic in new hands

    Martin Peretz, long-time editor in chief of The New Republic, sold his remaining shares in the pro-Israel magazine, The New York Observer reported.

  • Israel to curb airport profiling

    Israel’s domestic security chief ordered new screening equipment installed at Ben-Gurion Airport to reduce selective “profiling” of Arab passengers.

  • Europe keen to renew P.A. aid

    When Mahmoud Abbas announced in Mecca that an agreement had been reached for a Palestinian unity government, Europe’s united position toward the Palestinian Authority came apart at the seams.

  • Reform praises Maryland on death penalty

    The Reform movement praised Maryland’s governor for supporting a repeal of the state’s death penalty.