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  • Kiev composer celebrates 95 years

    A Ukrainian Jewish composer celebrated his 95th birthday with a presentation of his latest album at a Jewish center in Kiev.

  • Iran suggests ex-official was kidnapped

    A former Iranian official who went missing in Turkey may have been kidnapped by Western agents, Iran said.

  • Poll: Israel is ‘least popular

    Israel is the world’s least popular country, according to a BBC poll.

  • Egypt demands Israeli war probe

    Egypt asked Israel to investigate allegations that its troops massacred Arab prisoners during the 1967 war.

  • Cheney to address AIPAC

    Vice President Dick Cheney will address the AIPAC policy conference.

  • Did Jefferson have Jewish ancestor?

    Thomas Jefferson may have had a Jewish ancestor, a new genetic study suggests.

  • Group plugs sweatshop-free kippot

    Jews concerned about social justice now can buy kippot from companies that shun sweatshop labor.

  • Trial opens in burning of Anne Frank diary

    A young German man admitted burning “The Diary of Anne Frank” at a summer solstice party in 2006.

  • Orthodox feminists push for agunot

    An Orthodox feminist group is launching an advertising campaign on behalf of agunot, whose husbands refuse to give them a get, or Jewish bill of divorce.

  • New Republic in new hands

    Martin Peretz, long-time editor in chief of The New Republic, sold his remaining shares in the pro-Israel magazine, The New York Observer reported.