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  • Abdullah, Abbas meet

    The Palestinian Authority president and Saudi king met to discuss heightened Israeli-Palestinian tensions.

  • Rabbinical Assembly opens convention

    Arnold Eisen twice brought a room of Conservative rabbis to their feet in his inaugural address to the movement’s rabbinical association Monday.

  • Winograd: Olmert was unprepared

    A report from an Israeli commission of inquiry on last summer’s Lebanon war said Ehud Olmert entered the conflict unprepared.

  • Al-Qaida goads Hamas

    Al-Qaida assailed Hamas for not waging all-out war against Israel.

  • Gaydamak for mayor?

    A controversial Russian-Israeli magnate plans to run for Jerusalem mayor.

  • Bush backs Olmert after probe

    The White House spoke in support of Ehud Olmert after a commission of inquiry censured the Israeli prime minister’s handling of last year’s Lebanon war.

  • Photos expose gallery’s Nazi past

    A photo exhibit in a Paris gallery reveals how the building itself housed a work camp for Jews that eventually would be sent to their deaths.

  • Hamas breaks ‘truce

    Hamas launched rocket attacks on Israel, breaking a months-long truce.

  • Neo-Nazis vandalize Brno

    Vandals sprayed Nazi and racist symbols throughout the Czech city of Brno on Hilter’s birthday.

  • Ukraine sends Israel good wishes

    Ukraine’s president sent greetings for Israel’s Independence Day.