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  • Katsav denied early access to materials

    Israel’s High Court of Justice denied Moshe Katsav’s petition to obtain early access to materials on his sexual misconduct case.

  • Jewish life prospered under Yeltsin

    Boris Yeltsin, the former Russian president whose years in power saw a mass emigration of Jews and the renaissance of Jewish life in the former Soviet Union, died at age 76.

  • Chabad taking Chernobyl kids to Israel

    Chabad plans to bring 16 children from the Chernobyl area to Israel on Wednesday, the 21st anniversary of the nuclear disaster.

  • Sarkozy, Royal headed for runoff

    Nicolas Sarkozy, the apparent favorite in the Jewish community, will face Segolene Royal in a May runoff following presidential elections that saw a massive turnout in France.

  • Chirac’s complex legacy

    As he prepares to exit the political stage, French President Jacques Chirac leaves a legacy as a staunch fighter against anti-Semitism with a complex diplomatic record regarding Israel and its Arab neighbors.

  • AIPAC heads to Greece

    The American Israel Public Affairs Committee sent its first official delegation to Greece.

  • E.U. agrees to law on genocide denial

    The European Union ratified a law banning incitement to or denial of genocide.

  • Chief rabbi blames Holocaust on Reform

    Israel’s Reform movement expressed outrage after a former Israeli chief rabbi suggested that the Holocaust was the result of Reform Judaism in Germany.

  • Protest growing over British boycott

    A British news editor and Israel’s ambassador to Britain criticized a journalist union’s call to boycott Israeli goods.

  • French Jews favor conservative

    For many French Jews, Nicolas Sarkozy represents a new breed of politician: He’s aggressive and outspoken, never short of words, likes to hang out with celebrities and doesn’t hide his taste for the good life.