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  • Multilingual seder bridges gaps

    At a French-American liberal synagogue in Paris, a multilingual seder helps “bridge the gaps.”

  • Weed out the pot for Passover

    Marijuana might not be kosher for Passover, an Israeli group reportedly said.

  • AJCommittee offices go green

    The American Jewish Committee announced that all the electricity used in its U.S. offices will be linked to renewable energy sources.

  • Jewish newsman Cohen dies at 98

    Gabriel Cohen, founder of the National Jewish Post & Opinion newspaper, died at age 98.

  • French election a 3-way race

    A French election that seemed to present a clear choice between left and right has become a three-way race with the emergence of a centrist horse farmer as a serious candidate.

  • Egyptians thwart bombing

    Egyptian security forces arrested a Palestinian suspected of planning to attack Israelis.

  • E.U. reopens door to Syria

    After two years of isolating Syria, Europeans and Americans are again knocking at Bashar Assad’s door.

  • Peter Yarrow in Israel on anti-bully program

    Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary traveled to Israel to promote his anti-bullying program.

  • Druze beauty’s dream dashed

    A Druze woman withdrew from Israel’s beauty pageant after a dispute with her community.

  • Jordan’s Abdullah pushes 2002 plan

    Jordan’s king urged the United States to support a 2002 Arab initiative for Israeli-Palestinian peace.