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  • U.N. study: Israel’s restrictions on Gaza ‘devastating’

    A study released by two U.N. agencies said Israeli security measures on Gaza’s borders and in its waters have affected the health of over a tenth of the strip’s inhabitants.

  • Algerian aid ship departs for Gaza

    An aid ship sponsored by the Algerian government departed for Gaza.

  • U.N. wants to clarify Israel-Lebanon border

    The U.N peacekeeping force in Lebanon wants to clearly mark the border between Israel and Lebanon after a deadly clash.

  • Israeli soldiers probed for looting flotilla ships

    Israel’s military is investigating an IDF officer and soldier suspected of selling goods they confiscated from the Gaza flotilla after the May 31 raid.

  • Palestinians complain about non-delivery of mail to Gaza

    Palestinian officials complained to Israel and the international community about the non-delivery of mail to the Gaza Strip.

  • Israeli doctors help Romanian babies

    A team of Israeli doctors went to Romania to help treat premature babies who were injured in a fire in an intensive care unit.

  • Planner of Munich Olympic massacre dies

    A planner of the 1972 attack on Israel’s Olympic team in Munich and one of the founders of the Palestinian security services has died.

  • American Muslim leaders visit concentration camps

    Eight Muslim American leaders who visited concentration camps and met with Holocaust survivors signed a statement condemning Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism.

  • Barclays to pay $298 million in sanctions settlement

    Barclays Bank will pay $298 million to settle charges that it violated U.S. sanctions by conducting transactions with clients in Iran, Cuba, Libya, Sudan and Myanmar.

  • Harvard says it’s not divesting from Israel

    Harvard University said the sale of some of its investments in Israel was not politically motivated and it is not divesting from Israel.