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  • Oprah in Jewish Wonderland

    You get a sheitl — and YOU get a sheitl!
    Oprah Winfrey’s encounter with the Chasidic communities of Brooklyn is scheduled to air on the Oprah Winfrey Network on Sunday, Feb. 12.
    On Wednesday evening, Chabad posted an exclusive 11-minute interview with the queen of talk show, where she sings the praises of the Chasidic lifestyle to interviewer Motti Seligson.

  • Birthday haiku for Pauly Shore

    **** Jewish parent woes: he’s not just ‘not a doctor’ — stoner-icon son **** Happy birthday, Pauly Shore (44).

  • Birthday haiku for Paul Newman (R.I.P.)

    **** whereas grandma would mentally undress you, please just dress my salad **** Happy birthday, Paul Newman (RIP). You’re salad dressing continues to do a lot of good in this world.

  • Birthday haiku for Bill Maher

    **** new rule, atheists half-jews can’t hide from G-d with twice the opinions **** Happy birthday, Bill Maher. We knew you had some of us in ya!

  • Birthday haiku for Howard Stern

    **** Cuss with the same mouth with which you kiss your mother? ‘Talented,’ indeed. **** Happy belated birthday, Howard Stern (58 this Jan. 12). Please don’t ask people to make out on “America’s Got Talent.” Family show etiquette.

  • Birthday haiku for Dustin Diamond

    **** Screech – nebbish, nurtured youth prodigy ‘so exciting’ now leaves us ‘so … scared.’ **** Happy Birthday, Dustin Diamond (35 on Jan. 7). Alas, you’ve strayed so far from nerd-dom of your ‘Saved By the Bell’ days.

  • Birthday haiku for Alison Brie

    **** Woe, naked shvitzgoers! Would that I’d laid gaze on thee, O Miss JCC! **** Happy Birthday, Alison Brie. The Jewish Community Center in Southern California should be proud to have supporting actress from Community and Mad Men among their ranks. And a two-time ‘Maxim 100’ honoree for good measure!

  • Birthday haiku for Adam Brody

    **** Chrismukkah present: All I want is a normal fictional family **** Happy Birthday, Adam Brody/Seth Cohen. Sorry you got a weird draw with that O.C. universe.

  • Birthday haiku for Mayim Bialik

    **** Chilled with nerds, princes Now flips latkes in the air Crushed potatoes, hearts **** Happy Birthday, Mayim Bialik (36). How did you go from Will Smith to The Macca… uch un vey, it’s hurts so much I can’t even say their name.

  • Birthday Haiku for Kirk Douglas

    **** With a “Lust for Life,” “Champion” “Out of the Past” Finds “Lust For Glory” **** Happy Birthday, Kirk Douglas (95). You’ve persevered through seemingly insurmountable challenges — especially blogging on Myspace into the year 2011.