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  • Op-Ed: Obama should send high-level rep to AIPAC conference

    The administration’s failure to send a high-level representative to the lobby’s policy conference will be seen as confirming that the current crisis in U.S.-Israel relations really is between Obama and Israel, not just rival leaders, writes a senior fellow at a Washington institute.

  • Op-Ed: Stop pretending to care about Iranians’ rights

    Jews can be willing to bomb Iran to protect Israel, or worry about the rights of Iranian citizens. We cannot do both.

  • Op-Ed: David Brooks discovers the Orthodox 1-percenters

    In writing about a luxury kosher supermarket in Brooklyn as the fulcrum of an admiring piece on Orthodox Jewish life in America, The New York Times columnist David Brooks misrepresents most of the Orthodox Jewish community, writes an Orthodox Jew who has served as an executive with Jewish organizations.

  • Op-Ed: ADL must reassess opposition to gov’t support for parochial schools

    The most significant contribution to day-school sustainability — rather than funding a portion of current school costs — would be for the Anti-Defamation League to reconsider its longstanding opposition to any form of government offsets or support to parochial schools, writes the executive director of TEACH-NYS, the Educational Alliance for Children in New York State.

  • Letter from Bahrain: A Jew at the Arab table

    Spending Shabbat Chanukah in the Persian Gulf kingdom of Bahrain with a bunch of Arabs, Iranians and the U.S. secretary of state prompts one Jewish organizational official to reflect about the importance of leaving the door open.

  • Op-Ed: Israel, a fall guy unto the nations?

    As Jewish leaders meet with international VIPs at the U.N. General Assembly and beyond, they must encourage them to go on record with their assurances and sympathies for an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, asserts an official with the Institute on Religion and Public Policy.

  • Op-Ed: Better late than never for U.S. on rights council

    Washington’s decision to stand for membership in the U.N. Human Rights Council comes none too soon and sends a clear message of good faith to allies, writes Shai Franklin.

  • Op-Ed: New administration brings chance to redeem U.N.

    In allowing U.S. representatives to attend consultations this week in Geneva on the Durban Review Conference in April, President Obama has taken a concrete step to show the world that the United States is not afraid to engage — and on its own terms, Shai Franklin writes.