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  • Jewish groups assess new FBI guidelines

    New FBI guidelines that give the agency greater leeway in monitoring Americans’ everyday lives have Jewish groups debating how far personal freedoms can be pushed in the war on terrorism.

  • Jackson-Vanik Amendment fades slowly

    President Bush wanted Congress to lift the 1974 Jackson-Vanik Amendment in time for his recent summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but trade issues have delayed the plan to permanently repeal the restrictions.

  • House OKs $200 million for Israel

    The U.S. House of Representatives has included $200 million for Israel’s counterterrorism effort in its emergency spending bill.

  • Can Jesus help you get a new job?

    A charitable choice lawsuit is paving the way for future legal challenges, even before a decision has been handed down. The case, American Jewish Congress and Texas Civil Rights Project vs. Bost, is the first involving a constitutional challenge to a char

  • Religious leaders unite against hate crimes

    Perhaps the power of faith can finally move the hate crimes bill through the legislative process. Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other religious leaders were hoping they could do just that as they joined together Wednesday to press the U.S. Congress to tak

  • More Jews running for governor

    Could this be the year of the Jewish governor? A surprising number of Jewish candidates are seeking governorships across the country, making plays for an office that has eluded a significant Jewish political presence.

  • Prayer banned at Iowa graduations

    A U.S. Supreme Court ruling barring prayer at public school graduations has been on the books for 10 years, but the issue remains a source of controversy. Just this week, the AJCongress found out they had successfully argued in U.S. District Court that an

  • Report details Arab anti-Semitism

    "Bone-chilling" and "hair-raising" usually are terms reserved for horror movies, not research reports. But those words are being used to describe a new report on Muslim anti-Semitism published by the American Jewish Committee.

  • Holocaust museum cancels Israel trip

    In yet another case where American organizations are questioning safety in Israel, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has canceled a trip for staff members to attend a survivors´ conference in Israel next month.

  • A change in course at Claims Conference?

    A change in leadership at the Claims Conference is unlikely to change the way Holocaust restitution funds are used and distributed.