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  • Groups warn Bush on civil liberties

    After months of relative silence, Jewish communities and national organizations said the Bush administration has failed to strike the proper balance between combating terrorism and protecting civil liberties.

  • Conference focuses on Israel advocacy

    Knowledge = power. That was the Israel advocacy message at this year´s annual conference of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs.

  • Lobbying for the elderly

    The average Joe doesn´t know what a NORC is, but Jewish communal leaders are aiming to change that.

  • Fears of a Bush budget

    With President Bush about to unveil a budget proposal focused heavily on anti-terrorism efforts, some Jewish groups are concerned about the budget´s impact on local social services and other domestic priorities.

  • U.S.: Evict Nazi collaborator

    The U.S. Justice Department is seeking to deport an Illinois man for allegedly participating in the persecution and murder of Jews during World War II.

  • Faith-based ruling won´t rile Congress

    A U.S. court ruling striking down government funding for a religion-based social service program is unlikely to influence charitable choice discussions in Congress, observers say.

  • Moratorium on refugees lifted

    New security regulations imposed after Sept. 11 could keep hundreds of Jewish refugees stranded in Europe for months.

  • Hoping for action in Congress

    For all the talk of bipartisanship and change, the U.S. Congress ended the year much the same way as it began, sharply divided and unable to agree on major legislative issues.

  • Inmate gets nod from Supreme Court

    The U.S. Supreme Court´s decision this week to enable an Orthodox prisoner to sue the state of Ohio for cutting his beard signals a step forward for the religious rights of U.S. inmates.

  • Report absolves Ford of wartime guilt

    The Ford Motor Co. has released a study that it says proves Ford was not responsible for the wartime activities of its German subsidiary.