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  • Op-Ed: In survey of American Jews, questions for right and left

    A new survey of American Jews shows commitment to social equality but also concern over government programs encouraging dependency — and liberals and conservatives would both benefit from considering its findings, writes the president of the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

  • Op-Ed: It’s time to reject rhetorical violence

    Americans must speak out plainly against extremism and provocation, unafraid to hold our media and our politicians accountable, while presenting real solutions to the very real problems facing millions, writes the president and CEO of Jewish Funds for Justice.

  • Failures in New Orleans

    Two years later and long after the water has receded in New Orleans, the man-made disasters remain, says the president of the Jewish Funds for Justice.

  • Obama seeking Ross’s advice on Middle East

    Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told a group of Jewish communal lay leaders that he is receiving advice on Middle East issues from Dennis Ross.

  • Exodus hero’s legacy of courage

    Nachshon is a biblical profile in courage. Without his faith and determination, the exodus story might have ended before it even had begun. This year, we lost two women who were modern Nachshons.

  • Empowering the poor on Labor Day

    On Labor Day, unions continue to hold out the best hope of empowering the working poor, according to the head of the Jewish Fund for Justice.