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  • Aleppo needs action, not words

    (JTA) — Aleppo, one of the world’s oldest cities and Syria’s largest metropolis, is synonymous with one of humanity’s cruelest conflicts — now surpassing the siege of Sarajevo as the deadliest and longest-running battle for a city in our time. With an estimated 31,000 deaths, the battle for Aleppo has taken more than double the…

  • Can a united community still work miracles? Ask the Yemenite Jews.

    (JTA) — Passover is a time for family, for tradition, and for festive celebration. It’s also a time to fix a paradox. As we read the Haggadah, we reflect on our past travails and miraculous redemption as a Jewish people. But if we look only at the past we risk overlooking the incredible ways in…

  • Op-Ed: Illinois BDS law should be model for country

    Laws aimed at fighting BDS do not violate the First Amendment, Chicago’s Jewish federation chief writes.

  • Op-Ed: Subsidizing Jewish preschool works

    The president of the Chicago federation writes that subsidized Jewish preschool will spike enrollment — pointing to his city as proof — leading to more Jewish engagement down the line.

  • Op-Ed: Chanukah, Soviet Jewry and the unceasing battle for freedom

    While marking two watersheds in Jewish history — Chanukah and the March on Washington to Free Soviet Jewry — the president of the Chicago Jewish federation writes that the battle to defend Jewish freedom continues because of the hate that launches rockets from Gaza and conjures nuclear weapons in Tehran.

  • Op-Ed: Grieving and grateful: Thoughts about Haiti, Israel and the USA

    The president of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago feels grief for the people of Haiti, but also is grateful to the United States and Israel for their humanitarian efforts.

  • Op-Ed: How not to get burned by the next Madoff

    For the not-for-profit community, applying fundamental principles of due diligence is the key to producing results and thus earning the trust of contributors, writes the president of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago.