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  • Hillary Clinton has the temperament, experience and judgment to be commander-in-chief

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (JTA) — I support Hillary Clinton for president because I have seen her work up close – as first lady, senator from New York and secretary of state. She has the temperament, experience and judgment to be commander-in-chief and our country’s representative to the world. And I know she has a deep commitment…

  • In a scary world, Hillary Clinton is the commander in chief we need

    (JTA invited supporters of the five leading Republican and Democratic contenders for their parties’ presidential nomination to submit opinion pieces in support of their candidate. Other responses can be found here.) WASHINGTON (JTA) — Today, Israel is surrounded by more turmoil than ever, and the world also presents great challenges to the United States. Iran…

  • Op-Ed: Obama’s path paves the way for a secure Israel

    It’s time for the American Jewish community, and supporters of Israel in the United States and around the world, to recognize that President Obama’s broad principles provide the key to a safe and secure Jewish state, writes Stuart Eizenstat in a JTA Op-Ed.

  • Kerry’s record deserves our support

    Stuart Eizenstat, chief domestic policy adviser to President Jimmy Carter and President Clinton’s special representative on Holocaust-era issues, explains why he is voting for Sen. John Kerry in the presidential elections.