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  • Israeli, U.S. drives aiming to increase number of non-Ashkenazi bone marrow donors

    Jews from the Iraqi, Persian, Georgian, Bukharian, Lebanese, Syrian, Yemeni and Ethiopian communities are underrepresented in the international bone marrow registry.

  • Electronic invitations a growing trend, but many still want traditional paper keepsakes

    A rising trend in simcha invitations may be changing the run to the mailbox for RSVPs into a dash for the email inbox and the card stock invitation mementos into computer printouts.

  • Buffalo-area synagogues merge

    Two synagogues in a suburb of Buffalo, N.Y., have voted to merge.

  • Bar mitzvah honors late father’s wish, reflects son’s creativity

    Before dying of cancer in 2007, the late film critic Joel Siegel requested that his son, Dylan, become a bar mitzvah. This month his request was honored, with a service featuring an original play, a grandmother’s secret brisket recipe and a vanilla Torah cake just like the one served at Siegel’s own big day.

  • Survivors’ grandchildren feeling an obligation to share Holocaust memories

    Members of the Third Generation say there is an urgency to carry on their grandparents’ stories and the lessons of the Holocaust to the next generation.

  • Seder can be splendid the second time around

    Is it necessary to conduct a repeat performance of the first seder night? Here are some ways to spice up the encore.

  • Giving the gift of tikkun olam

    If the thought of spending too much Chanukah gelt on lavish gifts for friends and loved ones seems a little dim this year, adding a little tikkun olam to the presents can give your Festival of Lights a memorable glow. Here are some suggestions.

  • Ben & Jerry’s co-founder explains how to do well by doing good

    Ben Greenfield, co-founder of the ice cream company known for its colorful pint-size containers, funky flavors and creative marketing, talks about smart business practices that have advanced its bottom line as well as its do-good corporate culture.

  • Passing of Evelyn Lauder marked by Jewish activists against breast cancer

    Breast cancer activists noted the passing of pink-ribbon creator Evelyn Lauder, a child refugee from Nazi-occupied Europe and a prominent supporter of research to cure a disease that disproportionately affects Jewish women.

  • Estee Portnoy wants BBYO to be like Mike

    Estee Portnoy has spent years helping Michael Jordan build his iconic image. Now she’s trying to do the same for the Jewish youth movement that brought her and her husband together when they were teenagers.