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  • Op-Ed: Polish democracy may make missteps, but its goal of good Jewish relations remains clear

    Injecting the anti-Semitism perspective into the debate over Poland’s recent vote on kosher slaughter is not only a mischaracterization, but does harm to Polish-Jewish ties.

  • Op-Ed: A changed Poland is Israel’s good friend

    The new Poland that has emerged since the fall of the Iron Curtain is a strong friend of Israel and does not deny the horrible chapters in its past, writes an honorary consul for Poland in America.

  • Op-Ed: In the New Poland, 20 years of democracy and Jewish life

    Today’s Jewish revival is viable because Poland is a stable democracy for the first time in its history, says the chairman of the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture, and honorary consul for the Republic of Poland.

  • Rethinking visits to Auschwitz

    The number of visitors to Auschwitz-Birkenau has increased dramatically in recent years, but not enough is being done to ensure a meaningful and educational experience, writes Tad Taube.

  • Poland, Israel’s new best friend

    Poland is Israel’s new best friend, writes Tad Taube, who is planning a Polish Jewish cultural festival in San Francisco.