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is JTA's editorial assistant. She was a Fulbright scholar in Ukraine. Her poetry and nonfiction writing have been published in Tuesday Magazine, the Gamut, The Birch, Tablet, The Starry Night Review and elsewhere. Follow her on Twitter at @chick_in_kiev.


  • Ukraine Jews hunkering down amid turmoil

    With their country undergoing political upheaval, the Jewish community in Ukraine upgrades its security and looks with uncertainty toward the future.

  • Looking at Kiev, through blood and fire

    After spending last year living in Kiev, the author describes feelings of painful powerlessness in the current crisis.

  • When a handshake is more than just a handshake

    An Orthodox Jewish candidate for European Parliament is drawing ire for refusing to shake hands with women.

  • In Hebrew immersion day camps, summer fun augmented with learning

    The growing trend of Hebrew-immersion day camps offer children a chance to learn Hebrew while engaging in summer fun.

  • 50 shades of Abe Foxman

    In honor of the Anti-Defamation League chief’s impending retirement, here are 50 shades of Abraham Foxman’s disapproval.

  • Schindler’s free skate

    When Julia Lipnitskaia, a 15-year-old Russian skater, used music from “Schindler’s List” to skate towards the Olympic gold, reactions were mixed.

  • To Russia, with trepidation: Tales from the Wild East

    Journalists of the world have found a lot lacking in Sochi. An American Russophile ponders her own travel nightmares–and why she’d go back in a heartbeat.

  • Woody Allen’s many confessions haven’t prepared us for the worst accusation yet

    In light of Dylan Farrow’s renewed accusation that Woody Allen molested her as a child, his iconic public persona has been called into question.

  • Menachem Stark, slumlord or saint? Depends who you ask

    While New York newspapers scrutinized the business practices of a slain Hasidic developer, the haredi Orthodox press celebrated his virtues.

  • 5 ways to turn women away from (UPDATED)

    Aish HaTorah’s website has some dating advice for women — don’t argue, don’t tout your accomplishments, don’t pursue men, don’t share too much personal information, dress nicely and wear makeup.