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  • Far-right Jobbik gains in Hungarian elections

    Hungary’s openly anti-Semitic nationalist Jobbik Party secured 47 seats in the 386-seat legislature in the second round of parliamentary elections.

  • Hungarians demonstrate against anti-Semitism

    Tens of thousands of Hungarians, mostly Jews, marched against anti-Semitism in a torchlight procession on the banks of the Danube River.

  • Rightward swing in Hungarian elections

    A far right party, Jobbik, won 26 seats in Hungarian parliamentary elections Sunday, to the dismany of Hungarian and European Jewish leaders.

  • Hungarian Jews urged to vote against extremists

    On the eve of parliamentary elections in Hungary, the largest Hungarian Jewish umbrella organization called upon Jews to vote against anti-Semitic candidates.

  • Hungary salutes four Jews

    Four well-known Jews received Hungarian state awards.

  • Tamás Raj, Hungary’s former chief rabbi, dies

    Tamas Raj, a charismatic retired chief rabbi and one of Hungary’s top intellectuals, has died.

  • Hungarian president signs Holocaust denial law

    Hungarian President Laszlo Solyom signed into law legislative reforms making Holocaust denial a criminal offense.

  • Court OKs neo-Nazi march in Hungary

    A Hungarian court ruled that an international neo-Nazi march can take place in Budapest.

  • Hungarian groups protest rise of neo-Nazism

    Pro-democracy and anti-fascist organizations in Hungary held a joint demonstration to protest the rise of neo-Nazi agitation in Eastern Europe.

  • Hungary tries again to outlaw Holocaust denial

    Hungary’s caretaker government has introduced legislation to make Holocaust denial punishable by three years’ imprisonment.