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  • Hungarian neo-Nazis reportedly holding secret camps

    A coalition of anti-fascist public figures called on the Hungarian government to investigate news reports of secret military training courses for neo-Nazis being run in the country.

  • Eurasia’s largest synagogue celebrates 150th

    A ceremony marking the 150th anniversary of Eurasia’s largest synagogue paid homage to Budapest’s Jewish community.

  • Rioters rampage in Budapest’s Jewish district

    A crowd of 500 demonstrators, including neo-Nazis and skinheads, rampaged in Budapest’s Jewish district.

  • Police break up Hungarian guard ceremony

    An induction ceremony for a Hungarian extremist paramilitary organization was broken up by police.

  • Extremist Hungarian Guard resurfaces in Romania

    Banned by a court in Hungary, the extreme-right Hungarian Guard has resurfaced in neighboring Romania.

  • Guard uniform will incur fine

    Hungarians wearing the black-and-white uniform of the banned neo-Nazi Hungarian Guard will be fined under a new government decree.

  • Banned Hungarian Guard reinvents itself

    A banned neo-Nazi paramilitary group relaunched itself under a new name at a mass meeting in Budapest.

  • Jewish man attacked in Budapest

    An anti-Semitic attack on a Jewish citizen in Budapest has led to appeals to police for improved vigilance.

  • Neo-Nazi group demonstrates in Budapest

    A mass demonstration by the banned neo-Nazi Hungarian Guard organization degenerated into a battle with police.

  • Budapest court disbands neo-Nazi Hungarian Guard

    A Budapest appeals court disbanded the Hungarian Guard, the private army of the neo-Nazi Jobbik political party.