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  • Interfaith adventure in Belarus

    They don’t see many Americans in the Belarusian village of Vselyub. Certainly not many with weed-whackers, like those who came to save the town’s Jewish cemetery.

  • This Israeli guy’s got game

    As the only Israeli pro athlete playing in Ukraine, Afik Nissim has had to make hard choices between keeping Shabbat and furthering his basketball dreams.

  • Ukrainian dating site targets traditional Jews

    A Ukranian dating Web site has been set up to address a specific issue: In a country where the Jewish community is relatively small and sometimes scattered, young Jews say it’s difficult to find Jewish partners.

  • Will Ukraine get a Jewish museum?

    A Jewish activist in Ukraine has collected thousands of artifacts for what he hopes will be his country’s first Jewish museum. But, he admits, it’s all about the money.

  • Jewish charity in Belarus helps at-risk families

    A program in Belarus provides needy families with everything from clothing and groceries to financial self-sufficiency. But the program’s efforts rests shakily on nascent local fund-raising ventures.

  • Eating Jewish in Kiev

    A trip to the Tsimmes restaurant in Kiev highlights the successful Jewish eateries in the Ukrainian capital.

  • An ‘addiction’ to Jewish life

    Vladimir Chaplin is no longer a leader of Ukrainian Jewish student life. But this non-Jew, who now works in the Jewish museum in the city of Odessa, still has a contagious enthusiasm about Jewish life.